Home Advantage

Week 2, with 3 home wins of varying convincingness, saw a handful of 50+ performances, and a shake up to the top of the table.  Mark Blessing, of KPMG, and Robert Costello, of KPMG, both hit 57 points, near perfect scores, with Colin O’Riordan just behind on 54.

“No, no we didn’t confer” said Blessing and Costello from their shared hot desk in the Distressed Assets Rejuventation section “it was total coincidence.  Next week its going to be sooo competitive”.

The Mercury Engineering Bright Spark Award therefore hangs in the balance between Blessing and O’Riordan, it will be decided next time by whoever scores the best result between the two of them.  A weekend in the Data Centre of their choice awaits!

Top Performers on Week 2
Mark Blessing 57
Robert Costello 57
Colin O’Riordan 54
neil doyle 53
Paul Hackett 53
Philip McCone 53
Siobhan Donlevy 53
Ciara Coppinger 52
Julian D’Arcy 52
Sean McGuire 52
Tim Holmes 52
Amy McAlinden 51
Conall Lavery #2 51
Gary O’Keeffe 51
Conall Lavery #1 50
Kieran Beggan 50
Seamus Reilly 50



The Mac Interiors Pointless Award, for the entrant at this stage who has scored exactly no points, is another hung jury.  A threeway tie between Pat Unger, Brian Mattson and Adrian Harlow, this to will be settled next time by which of them remains closest to zero.

“I can feel another Vikings moment coming on here” said Mattson from his storm shelter in Minnesota. “So close and yet so far – its my Superbowl all over again”

Harlow was more upbeat “After hammering Wales my traditional England for the Grand Slam play is looking good – I’m confident”.

As Unger is the only Irish resident though he might get best use out of the award – a Ukulele Weekend for one in Carrickmacross.


Top Dog

And what everyone else wants to know, who is in the leading pack as we head to halfway?

A solid performance of 37 points from Phil The Pearly King Coutts has kept him on top of the heap, with rapid riser Costello 3 points behind, and The Claw Waugh the same distance back.  With the top 10 within 10 points of each other this will be a tight race though – at the same stage last year the eventual winner was 21 points off the lead.  There is hope yet!