Fantasy 6 Nations Forecast – All You Need to Know

Whether you are a seasoned F6NF Campaigner, or a newcomer, you are very welcome.

The F6NF has been running for approximately 25 years (the memory’s a bit hazy that far back) and most importantly of all raises money for the LauraLynn children’s hospice, supporting the great work they do for the very sick children of Ireland and their families.

The next most important thing it does is give you the opportunity to demonstrate your rugby knowledge to all around you, and give you the chance to win any of the plethora of weekend prizes, or indeed the holy grail, the title of F6NF Champion 2020, the bragging rights that go with it, and the not inconsiderable prize purse of €1,000.

All you have to do is forecast the spread (the points difference between the winners and the losers) for each game.  What could be harder?  (Top tip – just make sure to pick a + number for a home win, and a – number for an away win!)

Every cent goes to Laura Lynn – our more than generous sponsors provide the prize money – so even in the unlikely event that you don’t win a prize, its probably the most worthwhile money you’ll spend all week!