Rules is rules

whistle2The competition works on the winning spread of each game. You nominate the winner and the margin of victory on the attached form. For picking the winner you score 20 points. For each point you are out, 1 point is deducted.
For example, you forecast that Ireland will beat England by 10 points. Should Ireland win by 15 points you score 20 for getting the winner, but lose 5 because of inaccuracy of forecast, so score 15 points.

Should England win by 7 points, you score -17, the distance you were away from the correct spread.

The Champion will be the individual with the highest aggregate score after all matches have been completed.

In the event of a tie, a tiebreak question will be introduced. Should both then have the same answer, it will be settled by bare knuckle fisticuffs on a site yet to be nominated. Or by table quiz if preferred.

Each weekend will also produce a plethora of prizes for best performances on the day.
Most importantly, all of your entry fee goes directly to the Laura Lynn Hospice – this is not fake news!