Well Done You

Once again you rallied to the call, nailed your colours to the mast, put your shoulders to the wheel and your money where your mouth is. Well done all 346 of us who entered the F6NF 2024 and helped LauraLynn raise something heading towards our target of €20,000. We’re not quite there yet, but we still have a trick or two up our sleeve.

I must admit I got quite emotional as I went through the entries table this morning, reading names who have been entering for over 20 years, some who I know well, and some who I have never met. Better still seeing new names trying out the F6NF for the first time – you are very welcome. We are made up of accountants and architects, station masters and train drivers, teachers and teleporter operators, engineers (quite a lot of them) and electricians. We come from every continent of the world (not counting Antarctica, but that was never a continent when I was at school) and our age range spans from the U10s to the over 70s. Its an honour to be able to “talk” to you all for the next 6 weeks or so about my favourite subject.

So on with the show . . .

Massacre in Marseilles

Whilst many of you plugged Ireland for a win in France this weekend very few expected the demolition job that Farrell’s boys did on the French. Rumours are already circulating that ROG is being tipped as the next French coach, given that his Les Rochellais have never given such a heartless performance.

In Rome the sun shone but not enough to encourage Italy to play a full match. Italy started well with their Benneton backbone, and England’s lacklustre defence offering plenty of opportunity, but a pep talk at half time speeded up England’s defense, allowing them to close out the match, despite a last minute try by Ioane spoiling most forecasts.

The 2 halves game in Cardiff provided great second half entertainment, after Scotland played unopposed for the first 45 minutes. A couple of emerging players in Wainright and Dyer, but can Wales repeat that gusto away and against tougher opposition?

Three away wins gets us off to an interesting start.

Top of the Table

Our table topper after the first weekend is none other than Pat (Paddy) Kenna, a longtime stalwart of the competition.

“I am stunned and amazed” said Kenna from his private box in the Emirates stadium. “I’ve been entering this competition since 1896, and I’ve never won anything. In fact I was beginning to wonder if anyone ever won anything. I am absolutely delighted to be taking the prize money put up by Jones Engineering, but you can let them know I wont be needing the welding course”

Week 1 Leader Board
1 Pat Kenna 44
2 Nirina Plunkett 39
3 Margaret Tansey 38
4 Emma Quinn 37
5 Philip Cruise 37
6 Aengus D’Arcy 36
7 Dominic O’Kelly 34
8 Brian Moran 33
9 David Petherbridge 33
10 Des O’Broin 33
11 Carole 31
12 Catherine Curran 31
13 Joseph Ennis 31
14 Molly Corcoran 31
15 Natasha Gow 31


It was a good day for the ladies, with Nirina Plunket, Margaret Tansey and Emma Quinn holding 2nd, 3rd and 4th places.

“About time us women got the recognition we deserve” said Tansey whilst making our dinner. “I’ve sat in the rain at enough matches now to have a good stab at this. Bring on Italy. Are we going to Rome?”

Philip Cruise and Aengus D’Arcy are chasing hard, with a tight pack behind them.

“Did I ever tell you there’s a pint on the bar in JJ Bowles for anyone who beats me in the F6NF this year?” said D’Arcy from his pub in Limerick. The D’Arcy brothers are flying a team under the colours of the pub, which is obviously a scurilous piece of marketing, but hey.

Team Results

Due to the tight deadlines for publication, Team results will be published next week, due to the high degree of complexity in calculation of the scores, and the large number who have entered a team of 0ne. Unfortunately there is no one in team, you must have at least 2 members to enter the Team competition.

Next Week

Another full weekend next week, and a host of weekend prizes to be won. Check out where you stand on the Leaderboard, and good luck for next week.