After the longest F6NF campaign ever*, we have a winner in Andrew Callaghan from Linesight, who has led all the way from Round 1.

“I have been sweating it out during the Covid crisis, kept checking my predictions and the fear that the competition wouldn’t be concluded, but I’m happy now” said Callaghan from his back bedroom.  “The lockdowns have been hard for everyone, but at least the F6NF kept the dream alive”.

Callaghan wins €1,000 in prize money, and the priceless title of F6NF Champion 2020.  A year we will never forget.

Congratulations (but no money)  to all of our Top 25:

1 Andrew Callaghan 188
2 Kieran Kelly 156
3 Declan Holmes 146
4 Thomas Leacy 144
5 Neil Doyle 132
6 Eoin Kelly 131
7 Kevin Maguire 131
8 Ian Fitzsimons 130
9 James O’Shea 130
10 Katrina Seery 129
11 Ken Cribbin 127
12 Sinead Vaughan 127
13 Robin Horne 122
14 Noel Stapleton 118
15 David Dolan 116
16 Kevin Arundel 115
17 Paul Wallace 115
18 Amy Duffy 114
19 Roy Goodlad 113
20 Ciara Power 112
21 Michael Kennedy 112
22 David Morrissey 111
23 Frank Fagan 111
24 Seamus Lennon 111
25 Ali O’Mara 109

Prizes Galore

We have a glut of prizes to announce on our final weekend, including the Week 4 awards settled last week:

The Linesight Fiendishly Clever Award goes to Jordan Wear for topping the Week 4 results on countback – a quantity surveying calculator which can both deduct and add 15% to everything depending on who you are talking to, or the cash equivalent of €200.

The Chop House Best Lockdown Takeaway goes to David Parkinson as Week 4 runner up.  16th placed Kevin Arundel (“Best result ever!”) who has been bravely providing the finest steak and seafood take away at the Chop House throughout the Lockdown will sort out David, when he can make the trip into Dublin from his tree house in deepest Wicklow.

The RKD Architects Form Before Function Award goes to Declan Holmes for getting top score on the final weekend.  The same weekend he left Ireland for Saudi Arabia, so a shame really as he won’t be able to read about it on the internet, celebrate with a bottle of Crystal, or go out with the lads to the pub.  However a signed copy of “RKD Architecture through the ages” awaits upon his return, and possibly a pint.

The Ethos Engineering Wooden Spoon Award goes this year to new entrant Tom Concannon for finishing bottom of the table on a very impressive -124. (Lantern Rouge was disqualified earlier in the competition for deliberately going for it).  HIs forecast even now looks credible enough, apart from having Italy beating Scotland and Wales. So we asked, “Tom, where did it all go wrong?”

“Well Italy certainly did me no favours” said Concannon from his flood defence barrier in Cork. “Call it the romantic in me, but I just thought it was their year.  After that I think I just hit a run of bad luck.  No gain without pain though, I’m expecting great things next year.”  A year’s supply of sandbags is on its way to you Tom.

The GEA Kevin Daly Award goes to the person who nearly made it and will never walk alone, Kieran Kelly, for coming second. Kelly is the oldest know QS still actively playing soccer, an achievement he puts down to stupidity.  “I said I’d be their manager but guess who ends up in goal when they are one short?” explained Kelly.  “I think lockdown may sort it out though, if I just stay quiet they might leave me alone as a vulnerable person”.  Kelly wins a 4 port hygenic valve and a free pressure test.

The MAC Interiors Nil Point Award goes to Merton Mincer who skillfully ended up with no points at all.  “You don’t really give out prizes do you?” quizzed a sceptical Mincer from his palatial home in Billericay.  Wait and see, Merton, wait and see!

A full table of prizewinners is published in Prizes, rather than sending cheques this year please reply to the site with contact details and we will arrange EFT payment.


Sadly and Finally

On a weekend that saw so many stars of yesteryear pass on to the next pitch, during the competition we lost one of our brightest stars and best friends.  Ken Cribbin was known to many of you through work or rugby, and sadly was called ashore during the summer after a brief but unbeatable illness.  Some of us were fortunate to share a trip with him to Treviso earlier this year, just before he fell ill, and in memory of Ken we shall be introducing next year The Cribbin Treviso Cup, which will be awarded to the entrant giving the best Italian overall forecast.

Finally, thank you all so much for participating, for donating, and for hanging out with us.  Whether as a sponsor or participant you have once again raised a huge amount of money for Laura Lynn, who in this time need it more than ever.  Stay safe and see you next year.


(*The 2001 Foot and Mouth series climaxed on October 20th 2001, when Ireland beat England to deny them the Slam, but England won the Championship on tries difference. So 10 days shorter than the Covid-19 series)