Biggest Entry Ever

Thanks to everyone who entered this year’s Fantasy 6 Nations Forecast for making it the biggest entry ever – with 470 entrants.  Which also means we have made the biggest contribution ever – €25,349 at the time of writing – to LauraLynn.  Well done you, great job.

Congratulations to all the French, Scots and Welsh entrants on their teams’ epic performances at the weekend, I know we have at least 4.  Two away wins, the scale of France’s victory over Italy and Ireland and England’s defeats however means that the majority of us took a beating – with only 39 out of 470 in positive points territory.

Early Leader

Top of the table therefore on Weekend 1 is Peter Whitty on 40 points, Electrical Engineer from Ethos.  “I’m amazed” said Whitty from his home office under the garage.  “Its my first time entering so the enormity of the honour, and the pressure going forward, hasn’t sunk in yet.  But this means I know more about rugby than all my friends and colleagues in Ethos, yes?”

In second place comes a familiar name, Jordan Wear on 30, a prize winner last year, and representing Linesight.  “I suppose the experience has paid off this year, getting a good start seems to be crucial so hopefully I can keep it going” said Wear, clutching his lucky calculator tight in his penthouse office suite overlooking the Dargle.

James Fegan takes third place with 27 points, and Aisling Cartin follows on 22, another Linesighter with experience.  The others who can be proud to have made double figures are:

Name Total
1 Peter Whitty 40
2 Jordan Wear 30
3 James Fegan 27
4 Aisling Cartin 22
5 Philip Cruise 19
6 Hugo 17
7 Alan Kane 16
8 Oliver Hazley 16
9 David Hickey 14
10 Team Halliwell 14
11 Costello Tom 11
12 Rory O Donnell 10

To see your current position, check out the Leaderboard.

Next Up – Valentines’ Weekend

There won’t be much love around for Andy Farrell, who’s honeymoon is well and truly over.  With the daunting prospect of France next week in a silent Aviva Stadium looking like an enormous challenge, it could be made bigger by the injuries shipped this weekend.  The F6NF average forecast is for an Irish win by 1 point.

Scotland look too good for Wales on this weekend’s performances, the F6NF average forecast is again a home win by a single point.

The Italians also won’t be getting too loved up, a wounded England team is likely to kick back hard, so you’d expect a big spread – 30 points is the F6NF average, which is looking low.

I think we’re going to need a bottle of wine, or two.