They Think It’s All Over

A week’s a long time in the 6 Nations, so Scotland learnt as their crowning glory of last week’s victory over England turned into a bit of a drubbing in Dublin, not least because of their inability to hold on to a final pass when in sight of the try line. Eddie Jones’s Paris trip didn’t bring him any relief, if it weren’t for a world cup next year the media would be calling for his head.
So Ireland will go to Twickenham on Saturday to be crowned Champions for the 3rd time in 5 years. Whether they can achieve their 3rd Grand Slam ever is an entirely different story, and one in which Eddie’s boys will have a big say.
Enough second guessing – may the best team win.

Weekend Winners
More importantly, how did you fare this weekend? James Flynn top scored with 56 points, a classy performance from the property magnate. “Wow, my first time out and I win a prize, must get everyone I know to enter next year!”. That’s the response we like James.

James wins the Chophouse “Beefiest Performance Award”, and will receive a voucher for a candlelit dinner for two at either the Chophouse, in the shadow of the Aviva, or the proprietor, Kevin Arundel’s new venture in Clontarf Baths. “We’ve drained the water and brought in the best chefs, food, wine and ambiance in the country” said Arundel modestly when questioned on the subject. So a difficult choice for Flynn.
In International Women’s Week, RKD’s “Best International Woman of the Week” goes to Sinead Thackaberry, who qualifies as the highest lady scorer and by living in Texas. “I never met anyone who won anything before” said an astonished Sinead from the Texan ranch she shares with husband Brian. “We spend most of our money on semi-automatic weapons so a voucher for something less metallic would be nice”. Sinead wins an all you can eat and drink weekend for two in Tullow.
The Linesight “Fiendishly Clever Award” goes to one of the country’s smartest, most mathematically astute and apparently more cunning than cunning itself forecasters, Edith Blennerhassett. The engineer in charge of the design of the country’s biggest hospital ever built, Blennerhassett spotted early on that there was more certainty in heading to the bottom than the top, and anchor’s the table with a massively impressive -276 points.
The entry defeated the elaborate scam search software built into the F6NF’s algorithms by using quite credible forecasts each weekend, apart from Italy wining the Grand Slam, and in some style.
“I knew it had to have some degree of credibility to sneak in under the scanning software” said Blennerhassett from her safe room. “And Italy deserve a grand slam, their food and wine is a far better proposition than everyone else’s”

Top of the Table Look Ahead
So as the competition comes towards its climax, can anyone beat this week’s table topper, Declan Holmes? “I’m amazed to be in pole position” said Holmes “I didn’t think I’d had a great weekend. So I’m looking good I think, and Mayo men always do well in finals”.

Close on Holmes’s heels is Kerryman John McMahon. “The few bob would come in handy alright, what with all the children moving back in with their families” said McMahon from his tree house in Sutton. “Talk about the boomerang generation, I think I might move out myself and leave them at it.” The Wales v France game will separate Holmes and McMahon.
Anna Howard and Crafty Cockney Phil Coutts hover 2 points behind, and Coutts could well retake the lead if all home teams win – which looks unlikely in Rome. “You have to give it a go though don’t you” said Coutts from his Facebook page. “Nothing ventured nothing gained!”
The eldest of the D’Arcy brothers also could swoop, backing England to beat Ireland, or Osteotaf, the Welsh bone bender, who has the Celtic nations to win.
Its all to play for!