Kicked to Death

It says something about the state of the game when the most exciting things that happen on a 6 Nations Saturday are the refereeing decisions.  Two dire matches, where all 4 sides practised kicking the ball to the opposition, rather than pass to each other across the pitch, didn’t exactly warm the cockles of spectator’s hearts.  In fact there are rumours of riots at Twickenham when ticket paying public found themselves sitting in alcohol free zones, which only exacerbated the pain.

In Dublin Andy Farrell’s lads did more than expected of them, putting 36 points on Italy without a reply.  Despite the improved fortunes of Benneton, and a narrow 1 point loss by the Italian U20’s on the Friday evening, Italy still have work to do to get into contention.  However as Rome is by far the best away venue in the 6 Nations, all talk of evicting them should be dismissed.

New Leader

Scores were high this week, with an average of 25 points being scored, and the Leaderboard has a new leader in Peter Pigot.

“That’s great news” said an ecstatic Pigot from his yacht in the Bay of Ringsend.  “I’d done alright last week, and Ireland’s big result was a great one for me.  Early days yet though, we’ll not be counting our chickens until the healthily built person has sung”

Leaderboard at End of Week 2
1 Peter Pigot 72
2 Ben O’Leary 71
3 Molly Corcoran 70
4 Joe Ryan 69
5 Bobby Reynolds 69
6 Colin O’Riordan 67
7 Donal O Carroll 67
8 Michael McCabe 67
9 Amy Duffy 67
10 Lisa Duffy 67
11 Joseph Ennis 64
12 Natasha Gow 64
13 Damien Coffey 63
14 Emma Quinn 63
15 Keith Hazley 62
16 Margaret Tansey 62
17 Brian Shalloe 61
18 Peter McHale 61
19 David Connolly 61
20 Barry Scanlon 60

Twenty entrants have 60 point plus, within a dozen point of Pigot, so we have a very healthy chasing pack at this stage of the tournament.

Team Performance

Those entering a team – and a team remember has to comprise more than one person – are competing for the Team prize pot of €500.

Current leaders are the Tavira 2, a Portuguese entry who for tax exile purposes are registered in Wexford.  Chasing them is Williamsville, master-minded by Matt Williams (no relation), followed by Reynold’s Number, a team of 7 who live in a caravan in Brittas.

Plenty of scope for change yet, but the top 2 have a commanding lead.

Team Score
Tavira 2 55.5
Williamsville 50.5
Reynolds Number 37.6
Rum Pointless 36.7
McNabbed 33.0
Busted flush 30.3
Duffy 30.0
LA Rockets 26.4
Leinster Ladyboys 26.0
WalMarDun 23.0
JJ Bowles on tour 21.5
Connolly Clan 19.3
Thacks 18.0
Wrong Direction 16.3
Kennad 15.5
Malahidians 13.7
Jascom 8.3
Brendans Bombers 7.0
Moor Hausen 5.0
Obyrne Orbits 0.5
Kaned -27.0


Carmen Jordaan takes the RKD Form before Function Award for topping the table this week, with a score of 55, only 5 off the perfect 60.

“I am over the moon” said Jordaan from the Linesight sauna and steam room.  “QS’s don’t win too many accolades, so this F6NF award will sit proudly on my mantlepiece.  There is a trophy, yes?”

Weekend Performance
1 Carmen Jordaan 55
2 Martin Doyle 53
3 James Byrne 51
4 Mikail 51
5 Damien Coffey 50
6 Barry Ferriter 49
7 Pjero Nell 48
8 Bob Marchant 47
9 Harry Waller 47
10 Anne Moffattt 46
11 Conor Molloy 46
12 Joe Ryan 46
13 Julian D’Arcy 46

Next Week

A weekend’s break coming up, but look forward to an action packed weekend the following week.  In the meantime have a happy Valentine’s, don’t forget to pick up the flowers at the petrol station on the way home.