Wales Win Stretches Table

With the France/Scotland game in abeyance for now, the Welsh win and Triple Crown victory surprised many and stretched out the F6NF table.  Sitting 18 points ahead of the pack is Orla Vaughan on 75 points, with David Hickey in second place on 57.  Amhaoin Mallon leads the chasing pack on 42 points.

Totals after Week 3
1 Orla Vaughan 75
2 David Hickey 57
3 Amhaoin Mallon 42
4 Philip Cruise 41
5 Ronan Watters 39
6 Alan Kane 37
7 Desmond Reynolds 35
8 Peter Kane 34
9 Tony Grace 34
10 Jackie Burke 31
11 Paul McKenna 31

“What, sorry, just changing a nappy here” said Vaughan from her home office in the kitchen. “Are you serious?  I’ve never been in the top half before.  That’s great, if I can just hold on we can go mad Paddy’s Day.  Go for an extra long walk or something!”

David Hickey was remaining stoical in the Linesight basement.  “Fair play to Orla, that’s a good lead she’s building.  We’ve a few differences going down the next few weekends and if the results fall my way I reckon I can still catch her.  France are the dark horse now, and how they come back from their Covid holiday.”

Prizes Galore

Top performance this weekend is shared between Seamus Reilly and Brendan Boyle.  They both qualify for a prize as the countback algorithm couldn’t separate them.  The Linesight Fiendishly Clever Award goes to Brendan Boyle for being alphabetically ahead of Reilly.  “Oh I am over the moon” said Boyle from his design station overlooking the Forty Foot.  “I always wanted to win something in the F6NF, its been a lifetime dream.  Maybe one day we can celebrate it.”

Reilly, a previous award winner, took a break from soldering things in his working from home electrical workshop at the bottom of the garden to speak to us on hearing he had won the RKD Form Before Function Award.  “I don’t understand why I won.  I’m 57th, is that a lucky number?”

Picking up the Leo Lynch Century Maker Award is George Jack, for making 100th place this week.  “100th?  That’s probably the highest I’ve ever been” said Jack from his Passivhaus in the shadow of Ben Nevis.  “Something to do with Scotland being still in the running I’d say”

Pools Panel

The Leaderboard does not include a score for the postponed France/Scotland game.  This will be adjusted when and if the match is played.  If it should not be played then the F6NF Pools Panel will sit and adjudicate on the most likely result.  Let’s hope its not required.