The 2021 6 Nations Championship kicks of Saturday 6th February – just a week away – so are you ready to be entertained? Never before has the world needed the uplift the F6NF gives as much as it does this season. After 10 months and 3 lockdowns of unremitting gloom, despondency and sobriety, the F6NF puts 6 weekends of fun and frolics into your social calendar.

Once again this year we are supporting LauraLynn Children’s Hospice, all of your donations go direct to the great people there who have been working the front line in a very challenging year.

“It could give a child a first chance to have a sensory bath, or a phone call to a parent who has been up all night, exhausted and feeling isolated, from one of our specialist nurses. We simply couldn’t be there for families without you.”

To get a glimpse behind the doors of LauraLynn Children’s Hospice:

Welcome to LauraLynn Children’s Hospice – YouTube

So that you can fully enjoy the experience of proving that you were right and know your rugby, enter your match forecasts now and cement your place in sporting history as the F6NF 2021 Champion – it only takes a few minutes.

You know the drill, enter the wining margin for each game (remember a minus score for an away win, a positive score for a home win) and you are on the road to rugby immortality.

This year due to the uncertainty Covid 19 brings (like whether the French will turn up), we will be electing a pools panel, to adjudicate on any matches that are abandoned. These will be experts in their own minds.

So to maximise the fun, and the giving to a great cause, please ENTER NOW, then send this on to a friend who will enjoy it to.