Stormy Weekend sets up Championship

While Storm Ciara was cancelling flights all over Europe, the weekend’s games put a tailwind behind our F6NF front runners.

Ireland’s return to form, coupled with a surprisingly tepid performance from Wales left the Aviva Stadium a happy place, and most forecasters wishing they had been bolder – average spread forecast was +4, against the actual +10.  England dogged it out in the rain of Murrayfield to reach a -7 spread achieved versus -12 forecast, and France were in similar territory with +13 against a determined Italy, where you had forecast t+19.

So next weekend’s matches will decide the run in – England hosting Ireland in Twickenham, and Wales welcoming France to Cardiff.  You forecast them as England to win by 7, Wales to win by 6. Could we be looking at an “Everyone loses 1” Championship with no Grand Slam, and a nerve wracking final weekend?

Weekend Winner

Top of the weekend was Roy Goodlad with 57 points, just tipping Dominic O’Kelly on 56 and a chasing group on 55 of Andrew Callaghan, David Cullen, Sean Lambie and Sinead Vaughan.

Top Performers
Week 2
Roy Goodlad 57
Dominic O Kelly 56
Andrew Callaghan 55
David Cullen 55
Seán Lambie 55
Sinead Vaughan 55
Dermot Caffrey 54
Des O’Broin 54
Dylan Jones 54
Kieran Kelly 54


“That’s brilliant, thanks very much” said Goodlad from his home distillery in North Antrim.  “I knew Ireland would come good eventually – here’s to a grand slam!”

Goodlad wins the Mercury Engineering Bright Spark Award and collects a €200 voucher towards being the first Orkneys’man in space.

Hanley Pepper’s Structurally Correct Award goes to Sinead Vaughan for being the top lady of the day, with her 55 points.  “Wow that’s great I never win anything” said Vaughan from her soup kitchen in D2.  “Is it legal to accept prizes now Mary Lou’s in charge, or should I donate it straight away to avoid paying 800% wealth tax on it?”

The Leo Lynch Century Maker, for the person in 100th position goes to Des O’Broin, for being in 100th position, by dint of having 44 points and being alphabetically ahead of Neil Doyle.  “Brilliant” said O’Broin, “I’ll put that towards my next expedition up the Eiger.  I knew being alphabetically ahead of Neil Doyle would pay off eventually”

How Are You Doing?

History says that by next weekend the 2020 Champion will lie in the top 12 runners and riders, so how are you placed before we reach the halfway mark?

Standings at End of Week 2
Name Total
1 Andrew Callaghan 105
2 Thomas Leacy 91
3 Padraig Connor 90
4 Sinead Vaughan 90
5 Kieran Kelly 89
6 Richard Fitzpatrick 88
7 Amy Duffy 82
8 Brian DeLuge 81
9 Robin Horne 81
10 Eoin P Doyle 80
11 Kevin Arundel 80
12 Michael Kennedy 79
13 Alison Gibbons 78
14 Dylan Jones 78
15 Paul Wallace 78
16 G Wylde 77
17 Paul Carmody 77
18 Ian Fitzsimons 76
19 Eoin Kelly 73
20 Frank Fagan 73
21 Declan Comerford 72
22 Richie Joyce 72
23 Conor Whittle 71
24 Michael Shalloe 71

Andrew Callaghan continues his brilliant start with a very solid performance this weekend and tops with an impressive 105, opening up a gap of 14 points on Tom Leacy.  Closely bunched behind them are Padraig Connor, Sinead Vaughan, Kieran Kelly and Richard Fitzpatrick.

Of all those only Padraig Connor is forecasting and Ireland win next time in Twickenham, so should Ireland succeed he will pick up a 30 point advantage.  He who dares, wins. Sometimes.