First, A Very Big Thank You

GVF F6NF 2023

From the F6NF Organising Committee and from all at LauraLynn, thank you all for a magnificent performance.  Your generosity of time and money has once again exceeded all expectations, and provided very welcome funds for a bunch of children who need extra special care, and their families.  To all our entrants, and to all our sponsors, thank you.

Away Wins All Round

And so to business.  It was a great weekend for Tom Jones, where royalties for singing and performing Delilah surpassed all previous records.  Not so great for Warren Gatland, where the Wizard of Cardiff just couldn’t find the right spell to galvanise his old warriors, despite putting the roof on his cauldron.

Neither for Steve Borthwick who is learning just how fickle the English press can be – he is up against a machine that can turn over a prime minister faster than a cabbage, for sanity’s sake lets hope he makes it to the World Cup.

It was almost party time in Rome, with France looking vulnerable up to the final whistle but Italy couldn’t quite clinch it.  Do they yet have a surprise for someone up their sleeve though?

Tom Jones, laughing all the way to the bank

Weekend Leader

The F6NF has a new leader, Eoin Dennehy, who scored 49 points at the weekend, with near perfect forecasts for both the English and French games.

“Delighted of course for taking an early lead.  I can’t deny that I’m a bit of a risk taker, and have come up with a few tough calls this year.  Plain vanilla just doesn’t win this competition, we’re talking elite level here” said Dennehy from his penthouse overlooking the incinerator in Ringsend.  “I reckon it will all be down to the final weekend”.

Dennehy wins the Kirby Engineering Pack Leader Award for his first round performance, an all expenses paid weekend to Porthcawl to hear the South Wales Retired Miners Choir’s rendition of Delilah.

Week 1 Leader Board
1 Eoin Dennehy 49
2 Padraig Carton 43
3 Lesley Stables 42
4 Clive Reynolds 40
5 Ben O’Leary 39
6 Brendan Rushe 39
7 Eimear O’Keefe 38
8 Robin Horne 38
9 Lochlainn Joyce 34
10 Amy Duffy 33
11 Jordan Hehir 33
12 Rose Reynolds 33
13 Natasha Gow 32
14 Dylan Jones 31
15 Brian Murray 30
16 Paul Kehoe 30


Padraig Carton, Lesley Stables and Clive Reynolds lead the chasing pack behind Dennehy, with 16 entrants scoring 30 or more.  Prize for perseverance in making an entry goes to Robin Horne (8th), one of our South African entries, who had to drive miles through the bush to buy a wifi connection to make his entry, in the middle of his off road camping trip.

Ross’s Wisdom

The F6NF is blessed this year with Ross O’Carroll Kelly’s input.  Irish entrants will know him well from his books and regular Irish Times newspaper column.  Ross is probably the greatest Irish player never to play for Ireland. Ross is currently in 365th position on -29.

Ross O'Carroll-Kelly

No one ever said it was going to be easy, Dude.  I’m actually pretty comfortable with 365th, there’s plenty of gas left in this tank yet.  I’ve plenty of cords left to play – not least my lawyer, Hennessy Coghlan-O’Hara” Ross told us over a secure line.

No I In Team

New this year is a team competition, open to all entrants, where if you combine forces and form a team of 2 or more with others you stand to win €500 at the end of the competition.  (I know, I know, it was all a bit confusing).  If any of you who submitted some great team names can hook up with a fellow entrant to make a team of more than 1, then we will endeavour to adjust the computation engine of the F6NF and include you next week.  Mail by Friday if you’d like to join up.  It would be a shame to not have the likes of the Inglorious Basterauds and Rucking Hell missing out.

Current standings on the Team page, with current table topper being the Portuguese Men of War.

Week 1 Team League
Men of War 12.5
Big Bad Barry 12.0
C’Mon the Jocks ! 8.3
Nasty9’s 5.0
Burned 3.5

See you all next week now!