Ross O’Carroll-Kelly talks F6NF 2023

A Six Nations Rugby competition which has been running for over 25 years got a helping hand this week from none other than rugby’s finest bar stool supporter Ross O’Carroll-Kelly. The Fantasy Six Nations Forecast competition in association with the Gaye Vaughan Foundation has raised over 140,000 for LauraLynn Children’s Hospice.

Commenting on this great fundraiser, LauraLynn Community Fundraising Executive, Cathy White, commented; 

”I would like to take this opportunity to thank Neil, Jason and all involved in this incredible fundraiser for LauraLynn and all those who support it each year. Since it began over €140,000 has been raised which is truly amazing. All funds raised go towards providing specialist palliative care and supports to over 460 children and families across the country currently availing of LauraLynn’s services.”  

The competition started out as a paper and pen format back in 1997 is now fully online on and regularly attracts over 400 players in the two weeks up to kick off each year. The competition asks player to forecast the home team points spread – positive or minus so you don’t have to be rugby pro to do well – ask the previous winners!

“Jason and I started this competition back in the mists of time, when Italy were only a twinkle in the eye of the 5 Nations committee.  Entries were submitted on a xeroxed paper form, money collected in pound notes, and the price of a pint was paid in change.  Rugby wasn’t at its scintillating best in the late 90’s, where 6-3 was a good result, but the F6NF changed all that.” Co Founder – Neil Vaughan

The competition has galvanised the nation’s interest in the sport, Brian O’Driscoll was born and the modern high scoring game was created on the back of the spread forecasting nature of the F6NF.  Joe Schmidt would admit, if asked, that the F6NF had a big influence on his early years coaching Leinster and Ireland.

“I am delighted to bring my World Class Rugby knowledge to this fab comp. I know everything there is to know since helping my team win the Leinster Schools Senior Cup in ’99. If Andy Farrell needs any advice come Sat he has my number – all he has to do is unblock me.” – Ross O’Carroll-Kelly.

So, from little acorns come mighty oaks, and the F6NF 2023 is underway right now, and looking for your entry, giving the chance of a little glory, an attractive jackpot and a fun way to support the incredible people at LauraLynn.  Go on, you know it makes sense.  Entries close at kick off on Saturday.


A big thanks to Paul Howard for his time and support! Roit!