The Twists and Turns of the RWC

With just one more weekend to go in the FRWC, can you take any more upsets?

What seemed to be a simple exercise, way easier than the F6NF, has sorted the wheat from the chaff in short order, with a tight pack of 7 leading the peleton after 3 weekends, with only 1 to go.

Terrible Tony Madden leads the bunch into the last bend on 145, chased by fellow QS Saran O’Byrne on 118, and the man who brought MacDonald’s to Arabia, Dermot Caffrey on 110.  The Sin BIM of RKD follows in their slipstream, with Brian Murray, Barry Shearman and IT legend Jason McGee tucked in behind.  It is reasonable to think that the rest of us are a footnote in the illustrious history of the F6NF/RWC.  Although let’s give Joe Lee a mention, more for remembering to enter than anything else.

Table Toppers – After Round 3
1 Tony Madden      145
2 Saran O’Byrne    118
3 Dermot Caffrey   110
4 Sin BIM              107
5 brian murray       106
6 Barry Shearman 105
7 Jason McGee     103
8 Neil L Doyle         97
9 Pat Mcgorr           96
10 Joe Lee             95

Prize Winner

Performance of the weekend, and the weekend prize of €100, went to none other than Jason McGee, the Louth Legend, who is currently configuring an App for rebranding smuggled butter, whichever way it crosses the border after Brexit.

“That’s mighty” said McGee from his stronghold in Dundalk (although he used an actors voice) “of all the years I’ve been doing this  I’ve won nothing.  I suppose I’ll have to give it back now for corporate governance purposes.”

Never mid Jason, its the fame that counts.

Next Weekend

So all to play for in the final round where more upsets expected.  Will anyone drown in Tokyo?  Can Ireland get a bonus point against Samoa and save multiple coronaries?  Have Scotland the sheer guts to win two in 5 days?  Will England put the old enemy to the sword, or will the tyros of Toulouse string together 50 or 60 minutes which may be enough?

No matter what, enjoy!