For the first time since the Earth was formed Italy win away, not once, but twice in Wales, to prove their doubters wrong. The senior side romped home by a point in the last minute, whilst their U-20s won by 7 points to add to their victories over England and Scotland.  Green shoots indeed.  And a mention for Ireland’s U20s who cruised to a Grand Slam against Scotland.

Meanwhile in the other competition everybody in Ireland were cheering for England for once, but, as expected, France were too powerful and cruised home to their first Grand Slam since Romain N’tamack started school.

But what of the real competition, the F6NF?

New Champion

Holding firm since last week the Italy result did nothing to shake Colin O’Riordan’s grip on the top spot, and he stretched his legs and showed his class to beat Michael Shalloe to the post by 12 clear points.

“I just can’t believe it” said a shattered O’Riordan from below the stand in the Aviva Stadium.  “I’ve been watching the French match on my Blackberry here in the car park and biting my nails.  I’m a nervous wreck, shattered but over the moon.  When do I get the money?”

Michael Shalloe was disappointed but took it like a man.  “Ah fer feck’s sake, I was sure I had it this time.  Can you check the Italy score again?”

Final Table
1 Colin O’Riordan 174
2 Michael Shalloe 162
3 Mary Murtagh 155
4 Kieran Kelly 153
5 Carmen Wolmarans 151
6 Marguerite Sharpe 151
7 Tomás Purcell 150

Seven entrants made 150 points, congratulations to all of them.  Sadly only Colin O’Riordan wins the €1,000 prize purse and the right to call himself Fantasy 6 Nations Champion 2022.

Prizes Galore

The Jones Group Welder of the Week Award, tied between 5 last time was won on countback this week by Padraig Carton, Data Centre Builder.  “That’s great, a welding course will come in dead handy for those little jobs around the house, can’t wait!” said Carton from his man shed.

The Mercury Engineering Brightest Spark Award for highest score of the weekend goes, it pains me to say, to John McCann, the quiet Canadian who knows more about ice hockey than he does about rugby.

“I’ve been telling you for 20 years that Italy are going to come good some day, and today’s the day.  Soooo show me the money!” said a typically understated McCann from his Barista Training Course for the Unwaged in Foxrock.  “I didn’t put that forecast down in any of my kids’ names did I?  Because I need the cash more than them”

The GEA Kevin Daly Award, named for one of our fallen faithful, goes to Barry Scanlon for almost but not quite making positive points territory.

“I can’t believe I won a prize for ending up with -1” said Scanlon from his rooftop bar in Atlanta.  “That just goes to show the F6NF has something for everyone and everyone has a chance, so long as they keep entering.  I can’t wait to enter next year’s competition, definitely the best money I’ve spent all year”.  You’ll never walk alone Barry.

The Hanley Pepper Structurally Sound Award, for the person in the middle of the table experiencing the largest bending moment, goes to Monica Connolly at 127.  “Oh my goodness” gasped Connolly from her sweet smelling kitchen in South Dublin. “I’m in the middle of making a Victoria sponge with cream and jam filling so can’t stop, but that’s fantastic!  I know the prize is a course in shear stresses in complex reinforced concrete structures, but is there any chance we could have the money instead?”

And finally the Ethos Engineering Wooden Spoon Award ended in debate and dispute, rather like the Formula 1 last season.  The entrant F managed -445 points.  However an appeal was lodged by Walid Al-Sayegh who scored an almost as bad -360.  The basis of the appeal was the blatant disregard of any logic as F had thrown huge spreads against home wins against all matches, whereas Al Sayegh had completely arbitrary spreads on a semi-credible basis (ie. Italy losing).

The F6NF Disciplinary Committee met on Sunday night and agreed unanimously to throw them both out and give it to Rod and Dee Aherne on -234 who at least made it look like they were trying.

All prizes (which do come in monetary form) are listed below.

F6NF Champion 2022 Colin O’Riordan
RKD Form before Function David Kilty
Linesight Fiendishly Clever Aidan Murphy
Mercury Engineering Brightest Spark John McCann
Jones Group Welder of the Week Padraig Carton
Ethos Engineering Wooden Spoon Rod & Dee Aherne
Hanley Pepper Structurally Sound Monica Connolly
Leo Lynch Century Maker Darragh Fitzpatrick
Asset Recruitment Strongest in the Pack Helen Waugh
GEA Kevin Daly Award Barry Scanlon
MAC Interiors Nil Point Frank Crowley
Kirby Engineering Pack Leader John Dolan
Dornan Engineering Top Woman Siobhan Scully
The Chophouse Best Lockdown Takeaway Richie Joyce

And Finally

Thank you to all of our generous sponsors, who provide all the prize money and a donation to the LauraLynn fund. Stalwarts all.

Thank you all for playing again this year, we hope you have enjoyed it and will come out to play again next year and support a wonderful cause in LauraLynn, who keep on doing what they are doing every day from some of the people who need the most help in our society.  In this crazy world there seem to be more and more people who need help, so thank you for giving some of your charity spend our way.

Until next year, may the road rise to meet you, may the wind ever be at your back, and may your God go with you.