Overheard in a bar in the North of England on Saturday, as the England match unfolded:

“Ah suppose they’ll get rid of Borthwick after World Cup and give the job to Andy Farrell, he’s top man now ain’t he?”

His mate’s response “Aye.  But why on earth would he want it?”

 Ying . . . and Yang

The RFU’s decision to replace Eddie Jones would seem to be one of their most catastrophic, with the honest Borthwick looking to be the latest scapegoat to pay for their inept lack of planning and decision making, following illustrious predecessors Stewart Lancaster and Martin Johnson.  England were a mess on Saturday, illustrated by the anguish in Eoin Farrell’s body language as France applied the coup de grace.

The ear to ear grin on his father’s face the next day, after inspiring his group of players to an astonishing victory over a Scotland team who had all guns blazing said it all.  Losing half their pack, including both hookers, after 50 minutes, would incapacitate most teams.  Not Farrell’s boys.  He’s definitely top man now.

New Man on Top

What of our forecasters after that remarkable weekend?  Well we have a new leader, with Dylan Jones taking the lead:

“It’s not been the greatest season for Wales, but you could see that coming.  The boys did well on Saturday, over in Italy, what with having to eat all that foreign food and all.  I thought that would be their match” said Jones, working from home from his caravan in Llandudno.  “I’m delighted to be sitting top of the table, shows that Welsh rugby’s got something right!”

Totals after Week 4
1 Dylan Jones 132
2 Matthew Williams jnr 122
3 Padraig Carton 116
4 Robin Horne 112
5 Natasha Gow 111
6 Rose Reynolds 106
7 Alan Coary 104
8 Pjero Nell 104
9 Clive Reynolds 102
10 Ali Duffy 101
11 Anne Gallagher 101
12 Eoin Dennehy 101

Chasing Jones is Matt Williams Junior  – no relation – who at 10 points behind Jones will be pushing hard next weekend.

“Second?  Really?” said Williams from his U10 hurling practice.  “If I win will I have to give all the money to my Mum?”

Jones looks good with all the top 5 forecasts being similar, but large spreads for the home teams could take it away.

Points Make Prizes

Performer of the weekend was Joe Kelly, with just 29 points out of a potential 60, who wins the Jones Engineering Group’s Welder of the Week Award.

“Wow that’s brilliant” said Kelly when interviewed by the F6NF.  “I always wanted to be a welder, I have the Lidl automatic helmet already i just need to get a new battery for it.  When can I start?”

Week 4 Scores
Joe Kelly 29
Anne Gallagher 28
Declan Comerford 28
Padraig Connor 27
Alan O Brien 26
Andrew Munro 26
Billy Birch 26
Brian DeLuge 26
Sukie Lloyd 26

Anne Gallagher, who narrowly missed out wins The Chophouse Best Twickenham Takeaway Award, for getting the England score closer than anyone else with a forecast of 38 points for France.

“I thought France would be good this year, but not that good!” said Gallagher.  “A lot to catch up by next weekend but you never know”

Anne wins dinner for two in one of Dublin’s most exclusive restaurants, alongside Slattery’s and next to that really good chipper.

The Mac Interiors Nil Point Award is split this week between Andrew Wheildon and Ciara Malone – they share a €200 voucher for a Blind Date weekend for 2 at any halting site of their choice.