Chariot Battered, Irish Stewed

With a table churning weekend behind us, the F6NF is all over the place.  Order has been disordered and we have a new table topper after Wales battered England into submission, blunting their new trick of the grubber kick, and Ireland failed to clock up a big margin in Rome, or anything like a decent performance.

Table Toppers – After Round 3
1 Gerry Kelly 125
2 Frances Caffrey 113
3 Lorenzo Carpanini 106
4 Ed Roche 100
5 Tony Madden 100
6 Richie Joyce 97
7 Colm Burke 95
8 Mel O Hanlon 95
9 Kieran Kelly 94
10 Geoff Brown 93
11 Lauren Sharpe 93
12 Conor Coyle 91
13 Emma Williams 90


Gerry Kelly goes clear at the top with 125 point, with Frances Caffrey hot on his heels with 113, chased by retired day trader Lorenzo Carpanini who backed against England to rocket up the table.

Gerry Kelly, from an undisclosed location, contacted the F6NF through a third party to express his delight.

“What with wining the Euro Millions, the Irish Lotto and now topping the F6NF, its been quite a week.  We’re just going to take some time out as a family and plan our future a long, long way away.  Can you send the trophy by post?  Forget that, I’ll send a private jet to collect it”

“So I’m 8 points behind?” said Caffrey.  “I just hope my Dermot gave the right advice over the next two weekends.  And there’s no prize for coming second?”

“After all those years of backing England for the Grand Slam I went with he algorithms this year” said Carpanini from his riverboat on the Stour.  “About time I won something in this, you never give me any prizes. I suppose I still haven’t won anything”

Weekend Winners

The Serviceworks Solid Crew Award goes to Mick Kennedy for topping the weekend with a very healthy 51 points. “That’s great” said Kennedy from a business conference on a golf course in Portugal.  “Its been an ambition for many years, I’m delighted to pick up a trophy at last.  More than I’ll be doing on this golf course.

The Ethos Engineering Through the Glass Ceiling Award goes to Lauren Sharpe for her 48 points and highest lady achievement.  “Wow that’s brilliant.  I’m just on an assignment in Bogota at the  moment and have a little job to do in Mogadishu on the way home, but will be back for a couple of days before I have to do a job in Caracas, is that OK?” said Sharpe, who presumably is a hitman. Or, rather, hitwoman.

Weekend Leaders
  Name Total
1 Michael Kennedy 51
2 Patrick Cherry 50
3 Michael Smyth 49
4 Bogdan Plesa 48
5 Gerry Kelly 48
6 Lauren Sharpe 48
7 Richie Joyce 48
8 Steffen Rathmann 48
9 Tony Madden 48
10 Eifion Lewis 47
11 John Lambie 47
12 Kieran Kelly 47
13 WAS 47
14 Garret Kearney 46
15 Jim Glennon 46
16 Conall Crosse 45
17 Declan Service 45
18 Emma Williams 45
19 Gary Comerford 45
20 Joe Lee 45
21 Mark Daly 45
22 Niall Browne 45
23 Paul Carmody 45


All to play for so – let’s see who the next round drags up!