Silence of the Stands

Wales and France enjoyed the silence of Murrayfield and Lansdowne Road to notch up narrow away wins, and England as predicted beat Italy handsomely at home.  So with home advantage no longer the advantage it was in crowdless stadia, how did you fare this week?  Go to the Leaderboard to find yourself.

The F6NF table has turned around dramatically after this the 2nd Weekend of the 6 Nations.  Previous leader Peter Whitty drops to 24th place, and we have a new leader in David Hickey, on 69 points after scoring 55 this weekend.

“Over the moon” said Hickey, another Linesight man.  “I had a good feeling about this weekend, and it all fell right for me.  Hopefully I can keep it going.”  Hickey wins the Mercury Engineering Brightest Spark Award for the top performance this week, an international holiday anywhere he likes, so long as he takes it before the 5th March.  Or alternatively €200 in cash.

In second place comes Philip Cruise, Data Centre Developer turned builder, only 1 point behind on 68 points.  “It took a complete change of career” said Cruise from his repurposed container in the back garden “but I have finally managed to feature in the top echelons of the F6NF.  Its great news in these troubled times and I’m feeling good about winning it now”.  Cruise is a Liverpool supporter.

Name Total
1 David Hickey 69
2 Philip Cruise 68
3 Orla Vaughan 56
4 Desmond Reynolds 54
5 Oliver Hazley 51
6 Paul McKenna 51
7 Robert Marchant 51
8 Eifion Lewis 45
9 Aisling Cartin 41
10 Dane Smith 41
11 Philip O’Shea 41

In 3rd place, and winner of the Dornan Engineering Top Woman Award is Orla Vaughan, who is going through the Return to Work protocols after maternity. “I’d have to confess there’s a lot of luck involved, but I am so happy to win the Dornan Engineering prize.  They are too generous.  One week for all the family in the Seychelles would have been enough, but two! Softens the blow of going back to work in the attic.”

Des Reynolds, high finance whiz kid from the Noggin features in 4th on 54, ahead of Oliver Hazley, Paul McKenna and Robert Marchant on 51.

“As a long term sponsor I thought it was about time Mac Interiors featured at the top of the table” said McKenna.  “Newry has long been underrepresented in this, and many other competitions.  This is the year”.

Eifion Lewis, on 45 points, has benefited from Wales’s better than expected performance.  “I think the new tactics of getting one of the opposition sent off as early as possible is paying off for Wales” said Lewis from his refurbished coal mine in the valleys. “If we had a few more players called Wyn Jones it would help too, as that confuses everyone.  Have I won any money then?”  Unfortunately, not yet.

Winner of the Hanley Pepper Structurally Sound Award for coming 100th goes to Deirdre Coakley, working on the front line in the Children’s Hospital.  “Is this a real prize?” asked a surprised Coakley from her sanitizing station in Rialto.  “I always thought they were something you made up, but at least I know now that the quotes you use are all true”.  Coakley wins €200 towards the piece of structural steel – or concrete – of her choice.

Peter Whitty, for his performance last week, picked up the Asset Recruitment Strongest in the Pack Award, which is a new job doing whatever he likes.  “Everyone works from home these days, nobody knows what you are doing, so pretty much all jobs are open to anyone now” said Michael Shalloe, Asset Recruitment top gun.  However if Whitty is happy where he is, a cheque for €200 is offered as an alternative.